The RR-FOLK Mailing List

The RR-FOLK list is a private e-mail list for owners, future owners, former owners, and other fanciers of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. This list is currently maintained by Richard Gordon. It moved to LISTBOX.COM on February 13, 1997.

Description, Guidelines, and Instructions


Welcome to the newest version of rr-folk! is a mailing list for people interested in discussing Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. It is for fanciers of all types and backgrounds--what we have in common is our interest in Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

This list began at in 1993, moved to in 1994, and has been hosted at LISTBOX.COM since 1997.

The list maintainer recommends that you try subscribing to the digest version of the list (rr-folk digest) since our message volume has recently been 15-60 messages per day.

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This is a monitored mailing list. The list maintainer and a small group of volunteers monitor the postings for violations of the guidelines listed below. For the purpose of encouraging compliance with the guidelines, a list monitor may moderate postings from all or from a subset of list subscribers. The goal is to have an unmoderated list; however, the past 16 years of experience has shown that some "monitoring" is required to keep the list a pleasant and informative place.

The remainder of this section outlines the guidelines that the list maintainer asks all subscribers to follow.

Guideline 1: Copyright Issues

  1. Sharing of messages: the copyright for each note posted to the list belongs to the original sender. However, in an effort to foster the full and free exchange of information, and since each posting to the list is, in effect, a "public utterance," the author of each posted note will be deemed to have granted his or her consent to having that note retained in an archive of notes posted to the list so that future and current subscribers can benefit from previous exchanges.

    In all other cases, if you wish to print or quote material from postings to this list in another venue (non-profit--e.g., a dog club newsletter, on your own personal web page, an education web site or FAQ--or any for-profit venture--print, web, electronic, etc.) OR if you wish to forward a post to another e-mail list or BBS or Blog, you should obtain permission from the original sender of the post you wish to use.

  2. Note that once you have made a "public utterance" on the list, there is the possibility that other people will repeat it or forward it to other individuals or discuss it with other individuals.

  3. Fair use: To protect yourself, if you post material for which you are not the author, please make sure that you have the author's permission to post that material or that your posting constitues a fair use under US copyright law. From time to time, the list maintainer or one of the list monitors may inquire about your having secured the proper permission to post copyrighted material to the list.

    Note that the Fair Use exception to the copyright law applies to other people's use of your postings, too.

  4. For more information about Fair Use, consult Benedict's Copyright Web Site (

Guideline 2: No Personal Attacks or Harrassment

The list maintainer's goal is to run as close to an unmoderated mailing list as possible whilst monitoring traffic to ensure the civilized exchange of information between people interested in Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. It is natural that we will disagree with each other on some issues. Keep those disagreements focused on the issue under discussion and not on the personalities, nationalities, ethnic origins, religious affiliations, appearance, wealth, or social status of the people debating an issue. See the section of this document on enforcement for a discussion of the consequences resulting from making personal attacks.

The list maintainer would consider the following to be unacceptable language:

Richard Gordon is a power-hungry, neo-nazi, fascist idiot who wouldn't know a greyhound from a ridgeback and has no business telling anyone what he thinks about dogs.

The list maintainer would consider the following a more acceptable use of language as it focuses on the issues raised and not on attacking the speaker:

I disagree with several of the points Richard Gordon raises in his posting comparing greyhounds and ridgebacks. First, .... And, finally, if Richard or others wish to learn more about this topic, I would suggest reading (name of book or article)....

Guideline 3: E-Mail Etiquette

  1. Space limitations: Please remember that some people have limited mailbox space or limited access to e-mail.
  2. "One-liners:" Don't make short "I agree," "Me, too!", "Congrats!", "My deepest sympathies" posts to the whole list. Send that kind of thing directly to the poster as an individual message.

  3. Civility: Be polite. Respecting the diversity of opinion and understanding why different people have reached conclusions different from our own are valid methods of educating ourselves.
  4. Tone: If you are new to e-mail, remember things like "smileys" to indicate humor [or attempts at same] and mixed case [ALL CAPS MEANS YOU ARE SHOUTING] help communicate the "tone of voice" for this word-oriented medium.

  5. Quoting: When responding to a post to the list, make judicious use of "quoting" the original message. Don't quote long chunks of the message and then reply briefly. Quote that part of the message that is germane to your reply and then make your reply. Including an entire digest with your reply usually causes Listbox to reject your post. (The size limit on a post is currently set to 20K.) It certainly causes the monitors to ask you to resubmit your post.

  6. Signature: Sign all your messages with your first and last names--or at least with enough information that people don't confuse posters with the same first name. This guideline is especially important if you use multiple e-mail addresses to post to the list.
  7. Multiple addresses: In order to post a message to the list, your e-mail address must be subscribed. This is a standard "anti-spam" precaution. If you have multiple addresses, or if your ISP or employer reconfigures your mail system, you may need to change your e-mail address or add an alternate address to your record in the list's database before posting successfully. Subscribers can add an alternate address by going to

    Note: the list treats "" as if it were a different address from "". So if I'm subscribed with the former address and my e-mail went to the list "from" the latter address, my message would be rejected.

  8. Attachments: Do not send pictures, programs, word processor files, spreadsheets, or other attachments to the list. Put pictures up at a web page and point people to that web site. Graphics files attached to a post cause a post to go directly to the trash without the list maintainer or monitors even knowing the post was attempted.

    Learn how to send your posts to the list as plain text files. MIME, HTML, and other "special formats" make the size of the file containing the message larger.

  9. Vacations: When you go away on vacation, please unsubscribe from the list or "Suspend List Messages" by following the link in the subscribing and unsubscribing section of this document.

  10. Subject line: Put a descriptive subject on your post. For example, "Transport Needed" is not as descriptive as "Rescue Transport Needed: Houston - Phoenix." In particular, don't make the subject line be the name of the digest that contains the note to which you are replying.
  11. "List domination": The list maintainer, with the advice of the list monitors, may deem it necessary to restrict a dominating poster or to cut off discussion of a topic that dominates the list. Continued "filibustering" about a "closed" topic after the list maintainer has closed that topic will lead to restrictions. (See enforcement.)
  12. Privacy: Do not post phone numbers and e-mail addresses of people not subscribed to the list without their permission.
  13. "Bouncing" messages: Addresses that bounce as "user unknown" for 3 days will be unsubbed by the list software automatically.

For a humorous look at E-mail Etiquette, point your web browser at Mike Reed's Flame Warriors. You'll recognize many list members, I'm sure. For example, the list maintainer recognized himself in the portrait of The List Nanny.

Guideline 4: Fund-raising

The list maintainer's life experience has made him tread very carefully in the fund-raising area. If left to his own devices, the list maintainer would make the policy be as follows:
Without prior approval from the list maintainer, please do not solicit donations on rr-folk except on behalf of organizations based in the United States that are recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

The list maintainer recognizes that disasters happen and that sometimes individuals can get relief where it's needed faster than a formal organization. Ask first, please.

However, one reviewer of this document made this comment:
[S]ome of these fundraisers have not been started by someone soliciting money, but by someone posting of a person (or dog) in trouble, and other list members asking how they could help. [I'd h]ate to cut off such gestures of compassion and generosity.

[W]e still want [subscribers] to be aware of situations where their help may be directed if appropriate, but that offers of help and coordination of follow up activities should be taken off list.

A couple of other reviewers pointed out that some organizations have filed their 501(c)(3) paperwork but not received it back from the IRS and that there are RR-related groups doing good work without 501(c)(3) certification.

The prior discussion is presented as an aid to understanding potential future amendment of this guideline. For the time being, the following two paragraphs will continue to cover solicitation of funds:

The list maintainer asks subscribers to exercise restraint in soliciting donations. Further, the list maintainer and list monitors do not endorse any particular organization or individual requesting money. If you want to donate money, it is your responsibility to be sure that you are donating to an organization or individual that shares your goals. Know that you do so at your own risk.

Note that this guideline prohibits "commercial postings"--with the exception of litter announcements and "brags," which, although arguably commercial, seem to be accepted by the rr-folk community at large. Let's not turn rr-folk into an on-line flea market/swap meet/farmer's market.

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Limitations of Liability

The list maintainer undertakes no duty to monitor the content of messages posted to the mailing list for accuracy or validity. This mailing list is offered without any warranty or guarantee.

By your receiving messages from, you agree to hold the following list of people and institutions harmless for the content of the postings to this mailing list:

In summary, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU POST ON THIS E-MAIL LIST. That is, any liability resulting from statements distributed via would attach solely to the individual originating the message, whether the originator is a current or past subscriber at the time of the complaint.

The opinions and ideas expressed in this mailing list reflect the individual opinions and ideas of the authors of each individual note and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the list maintainer, list monitors, the maintainer's employer or ISP, BARRC, its members and/or officers, the list's ISP, or the list's ISP's employees. The list maintainer, list monitors, IC Group, and LISTBOX.COM make no warranty express or implied about the information exchanged in this mailing list.

If you cannot accept these terms, unsubscribe now.

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Enforcement of the Guidelines

The list maintainer would like to have the list be completely unmoderated. However, the list's history suggests that course of action is unwise. Therefore, here, in a nutshell, are is a description of how we have been, and plan to, enforce these guidelines.

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Subscribing and Unsubscribing

From's web site:

Subscribers can join the list at

Subscribers can leave the list, suspend receipt of list messages temporarily, set a password, or change subscribed addresses at

When you subscribe, you will receive a confirmation that your subscription request has been received. After you have responded to that confirmation to confirm your e-mail address, the list maintainer will double-check with you that you meant to join the list and then add you to the list.

These extra steps have become necessary as a result of the large numbers of "list-bombers" and "address-harvesters" who take advantage of mailing lists like ours.

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Submitting Messages To RR-Folk

To send a message to everyone on the mailing list, send e-mail to

This will reach everyone subscribed to the rr-folk list or its digest. You must be subscribed to post a note to rr-folk.

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Funding RR-folk: Voluntary Contributions

For the first 4.5 years of its life, rr-folk ran as a labor of love, first by Richard Gordon, then by Thomas Baker. However, the Internet has grown up, and neither Richard's nor Thomas's employers feel it appropriate to subsidize 20,000+ e-mail messages per day on the topic of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs.

The Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (BARRC) has agreed to administer the collection of voluntary contributions for the upkeep of rr-folk.

The list maintainer, and his credit card, are very grateful to BARRC for facilitating the reimbursement of the list maintainer's expenses. Here's how it works:

  1. Any subscriber who finds the list valuable, may send voluntary donations to the following address:
    c/o Sue McNeill
    44001 Road 409
    Mendocino, CA 95460

    Make checks or money orders payable to "BARRC" and write "RR-FOLK" somewhere on the bottom of the check or money order (memo line).

    Donations of any size are welcome. However, we suggest $10.00 per subscriber. There are over 1250 e-mail addresses subscribed to the list. We shouldn't have to beg to pay our bill.

  2. The list maintainer coordinates the payment of the bill with BARRC.

  3. The list at large will only be solicited for donations when BARRC notes that there is not enough money in the RR-FOLK fund to keep the list running for three more months.

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Richard Gordon
Last updated: January 6, 2010