My Best Shots: Summer 2004 trip to Denmark, Germany, & Massachusetts
File name beginning w/ d=Denmark; g=Germany; m=Massachusetts
July - August 2004

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dbeforeparade dbronbyvob1 dbronbyvob2 ddavysjoke dhousefencepeng
dbeforeparade.jpg dbronbyvob1.jpg dbronbyvob2.jpg ddavysjoke.jpg dhousefencepeng.jpg
dleaves dlighthouse2 dmoss dpath dredwall2
dleaves.jpg dlighthouse2.jpg dmoss.jpg dpath.jpg dredwall2.jpg
dskagen01 dthewhitebench2 dtivoli03 dtivolicoach dtivolidrummer
dskagen01.jpg dthewhitebench2.jpg dtivoli03.jpg dtivolicoach.jpg dtivolidrummer.jpg
dtivoliprincess dwbeforematch dwildcatsTraining gchrispitch1 gchrispitch2
dtivoliprincess.jpg dwbeforematch.jpg dwildcatsTraining.jpg gchrispitch1.jpg gchrispitch2.jpg
This page contains several of the pics I took in Denmark and the first 2 I took at one of Gregor's baseball games in Germany. Yeah, all the way to Germany for a baseball game. gchrispitch1.jpg was publised at the Furth, Germany, newspaper's web site. Two of the Danish pics were taken whilst the Wildcats were waiting to march in the Dana Cup parade; two were taken at the Bronby v OB soccer match we attended in Copenhagen; four were taken at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen; eight of them were taken in Skagen, Denmark (TOURIST!!); and the last two Danish pics are of the Wildcats--before their first match and after their second training session with Ejgil Kristensen, the Norwegian trainer that Fortuna Hjorring assigned to us. Ejgil was the coach of Fortuna's top team and has worked with the Norwegain national U-23 ladies' team.