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From 1997 to 1999, I wrote a weekly technology column in the News Journal (Wilmington, DE). Well, that column is history. I don't miss the deadlines, but I admit to sometimes missing "my soapbox." So, with the new technology that combines audio files and RSS feeds, I can resume inflicting my opinions on the world.

These mandocasts will typically be short pieces:

Feel free to drop me a note at mandorichard at yahoo dot com (spelled out in a vain attempt to foil the SPAM address harvesters).

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Yup. That's a bass. In my next life, I'll practice mandolin enough that I won't have to lug a bass around! I also teach (ethics and [formerly] English), work in computer support at the University of Delaware, still coach and ref youth soccer, run (well, "try not to be run over by" is more like it!) the rr-folk e-mail list, play old-time music with Tater Patch (sit in sometimes with other folks, too), teach Sunday school, and otherwise keep busy.

Commentary copyright 2006 by Richard Gordon.
Unless otherwise noted, musical selections courtesy of Tater Patch and the Greystone Ramblers.

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